Repechage Educator - 2017
Have you ever pursued a future- not because it was your passion but because it was safe? Yea…that was me. I went to college and got a degree in marketing because I thought business was the safe way to get ahead in life. I watched people growing up that pursued their passions and while it made them happy, I also watched them struggle- the long hours, late nights, worry and stress that came along with having a job that wasn’t 9-5. While I wasn’t 100% happy it gave me something I could count on.

Then a series of events turned my “safe world” upside down…
I love education- I always thought I would be a lifelong student. Not because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but because I love to learn and share knowledge with others. I’m not interested in just one thing; I’m interested in everything! When I went to cosmetology school it was more of a way to increase my knowledge, with the bonus of helping our family business- I had very little intention of jumping into the deep end full time. So, I held down my corporate job, went to school at night and assisted in the salon on weekends…I had my life figured out. Until life had a different plan.

 My job outsourced, leaving me with a choice- do this full time or look for another job. So, I jumped in headfirst and made the transition right away from a corporate 9-5 to working full time behind the chair- and you know what? While it may not be the “safe” route I can tell you I’m 1000% happier. I see people every day that make me laugh and smile, I don’t dread coming to work, I’m not doing repetitive work and I have only grown in the past few years. I can understand how hard it can be to break out of your comfort zone. Whether it is something like a career or maybe it’s a hair change, sometimes you just need someone that understands. That’s where I come in. I can help add the fun back to the mundane. Maybe it’s a pop of color, maybe it helping you understand beauty ingredients- I’ve lived both sides of the buttoned up corporate and the creative fun career- I still straddle both sides in my day to day. So, if you are feeling like your stylist just doesn’t get you, or you need to add a little pep in your step come on in and let’s get you back to feeling like you!
Jen ​
Perfectress Educator 2019
Instagram: Jen_hd27

What did you want to do when you were young?  Did you pursue it?  I did, even though people thought I could do better.  I believe I did better - I am lucky enough to do what I love every day.  Ever since I was 6, all I wanted was to work behind the chair.  I was so tunnel focused I didn't realize there was more to the industry.  I wanted to make people feel fabulous about themselves.  I want to become part of their lives, going through their ups, downs, and celebrations.  I feel fortunate enough to be invited to their big dates, their milestones, cry with them on disappointments, and cheer on the celebrations.  Doing hair becomes the connection point between myself and my clients. 

While celebrating clients, I always try to make their life easier in the grooming department.  A visit to my chair is always a lesson on something - how to use a product correctly, how to hold a hairdryer, how to make your hair an accessory and not a chore.  I always explain what I'm doing and why so that the final decision in the goal is a partnership of what one wants, what fits one’s lifestyle, and what is possible with the canvas we have.

As a wife, busy mom of 2, a self-diagnosed volunteer addict, and a business owner, I am still committed to my clients and my craft.    Keeping up with ongoing education and trends is always a priority.  I love being able to provide guests with the newest ways to make their grooming life easy.  Although I started in just hair, I've been able to grow in skin care, nails, and now hair extensions.  Becoming an educator has always been a dream of mine and the benefits that I can bring to my guest is a great reward for growing my career.

 I love that grooming can be an accessory that you can change all the time.   Whether it's slightly changing the color, to making a total make-over, improving your skin, or just making someone's day better - I love every aspect of my career and all the  journeys it brings with it.  I'm excited to meet you and can’t to make your day easier.  Let me know what challenges you the most and together we work out the best solution is.