Welcome to Hair Design 27.

We are here to provide you with quality hair, nail, or skin services to help you achieve the image of your dreams!
Wether it's correcting your color, fixing your skin, or adding extensions to give you Va Va Voom Hair, our educated staff will talk with you coming up with a plan that fits your lifestyle.
Feel free to enjoy our website and reach out with any questions.
We offer online booking and free wi-fi
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  1. Fusion Facials
    Fusion Facials
    Child (under 12)~ $30 Adult~ $50 Cocofina~ hydrating Berryfina~ Brightening Matchafina~ Cleansing Pumpkinfina~ Multivitamin
  2. Mini Services
    Mini Services
    Luminex Mask~ $45 Sheet Faced Relaxing Package~ $45 Biolight Sheet Mask~ $20 Red-Out Sheet Mask~ $23 Triple Peptide Sheet Mask~ $19 Lamina Sheet Mask~ $10
  3. 30 Minute Facials
    30 Minute Facials
    Express Facial~ $52 Men's Grooming Facial~ $52 Acne Express Facial~ $52 Back Cleansing Facial~ $52
  4. 45+ Minute Facials
    45+ Minute Facials
    Hydra Dew Facial (hydrating) ~ $65 Four Layer Facial (hydrating/toning) ~ $77 Hydra Medic (acne)~ $77 Back Facial~ $92 Vita Cura (anti-aging) ~ $102 Biolight (lightening/ brightening) ~ $125 Hydra 4 (Red-Out / Rosacea) ~ $125