Nail Care Services

Here is a list of the nail services we offer
Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions

  1. $14
    The rough edges are softened and the manliness is left intact. The nails are cleaned up, smoothed out, the cuticles and hang nails are taken care of leaving manly hands looking cleaned up and professional.
  2. $20 Under 12- $11
    Your fingers will look splendid when they are all cleaned up. Everything from the cuticles, hang nails, ragged edges are taken care of, your fingers will look clean and natural. A hand and forearm massage with enriched lotions will leave your fingers soft and your muscles relaxed. To follow, a clear or colored polish can be applied to give the finished look to suite your needs or your mood.
    Full Manicure
  3. $35
    Get the look of lacquer to last longer. With over 30 colors to choose from, a soak off gel manicure/pedicure can last up to 2 weeks. With the added bonus of no dry time- no smudging is possible- available for fingers or toes.
    Gel Manicure
  1. Full Set- $52 2 wk. fill $32 Re-Whitening- $47
    Using Acrylic, we’ll create custom enhancements that result in flexible, thin, resilient nails that either protects the nails you have or give your nails a longer appearance, the choice is yours. A bi-weekly maintenance is recommended for this service.
    Acrylic Nails
  2. Full Set Gel Overlays- $77 Gel Fills- $52 add Color- $13
    Gel enhancement is a light weight, odor free way to have your nails look nice and natural. The gel has great adhesion, durability, and flexibility so that your style isn’t cramped with new nails.
    Gel Nails
  3. $31
    A generous foot-rub and smooth nails- what more could you ask for. After working so hard, your feet need a break. Let us clean up your nails, get rid of the jagged edges and we’ll soothe and relax your muscles in your lower legs and feet. We’ll help take some of the pain away and give you one less thing to worry about in the process.
    Male Pedicure
  1. $36 under 12- $20
    Indulge in Repechage's Seaweed Bath soak, followed by an exfoliating, non-drying and non- irritating sugar scrub that is formulated for even the most sensitive skin. After the nails are cut, filed and attended to, the pedicure is finished with a massage of the lower leg, ankle, and foot using a unique balance of vitamins, nutrients and essential oils that creates the perfect hydration to help repair dry/damaged skin and stimulates the senses and leaves the skin hydrated for hours.
    Full Pedicure
  2. -Paraffin treatment - $9 -Spa Upgrade- (scrub for manicure, mask for pedicure) $8 -Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel - $10 -Papaya Enzymatic Peel - $10 -Anti-Aging Hand Treatment - $45 -Anti-Aging Pedicure - $67
    A' la Carte Options